Pheasants Forever commends the Brooks Fish and Game Association for spear heading and executing an excellent example of how conservation projects should be done.  

From concept to strategy to the execution of involving multiple partners and fundraising from a variety of revenue streams, the Brooks Aqueduct is a shining example of what can be accomplished by a dedicated group of like-minded volunteers. Pheasants Forever is proud to be a conservation partner and would encourage you visit the site when in the Brooks area.

The latest update from the Brooks Fish and Game Associations (BFGA) included over 500 hours of work by volunteers including:

  • Installation of a new gate provided by ACA with installation help from Fortis Alberta. 
  • Preparation for tree and shrub planting in spring of 2023.
  • Purchase and layout of the main line of irrigation pipe resulting in six days of watering.
  • Installation of two culverts with one more pending.