Pheasants Forever Calgary is dedicated to the conservation of pheasants and other wildlife by restoring and enhancing the upland wildlife landscape.

We protect habitat by helping to secure it:

  • We partner with a number of other conservation organizations and private individuals to acquire parcels of land suitable for habitat enhancement and restoration. It is important that these sites have public access and will benefit upland wildlife especially pheasants.

 We enhance and restore upland habitat for pheasants by:

  • Planting quality nesting cover, trees, shrubs and grasses to create shelterbelts and protective cover
  • Establishing winter food plots and emergency feeding stations
  • Restoring wetlands
  • Installing fencing to keep cattle from overgrazing established shelterbelts and riparian areas
  • Developing off-site watering units for cattle
  • Installing drip irrigation systems
  • Installing turnouts on underground irrigation projects

We engage, educate and build relationships with stakeholders throughout Alberta to influence the long-term protection of pheasant habitat.

We support youth education programs that encourage and instill conservation ethics, responsible sportsmanship and an appreciation for wildlife.



The primary aim of Pheasants Forever Calgary is to increase upland game birds and other wildlife populations in southern Alberta by protecting and enhancing the quantity and quality of wildlife habitat.

In addition to providing habitat for game birds, these upland habitats contribute to biodiversity, which in turn benefits our environment and society.

By protecting upland habitats, we are helping to protect biodiversity on the landscape. Biodiverse ecosystems perform critical functions essential to human existence, including oxygen production, soil creation, water purification and the provision of food, clothing and medicine.

When habitats are lost, biodiversity decreases resulting in ecosystems that are less stable, more vulnerable to extreme events and have weakened natural cycles. The naturally occurring results of a healthy ecosystem—such as clean water and air, maintenance of critical nutrient cycles, flood control, pest control and pollination of crops are critical to the wellbeing of all of us.