For many Pheasants Forever members and pheasant hunters, bird dogs are the link between hunting and conservation. In fact, many hunters find that spending quality time with their bird dogs, training them, watching them work in the field and witnessing their growth and success is much more rewarding than even their own performance.


  • Brittany Spaniel Club of Canada Website
  • Calgary Pointing Dog Club  FaceBook
  • German Shorthaired Pointer Field Club of Alberta  Website
  • Prairie Vista NAVHDA Website
  • Wild Rose, North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association   Website


  • Blackfoot Kennels – “Many hunters now want a dog that can do it all. That means pointing, retrieving, searching and all the tasks often performed by several dogs. These include the German Shorthair Pointer, the German Wirehaired Pointer, Weimeraners, Pudel Pointers, Brittany Spaniels and more. We train them to retrieve like a retriever and point solid. Your preference can be steady to wing, wing and shot, or wing, shot and fall. No matter your choice we will train your dog to retrieve the bird to hand, and search for dead birds.” 
  • Four Point Kennels – “Four Point Kennels is owned and operated by Tanner Rosia and Toby Lukiwski, raising and training Small Münsterlander’s, a versatile hunting breed.We match our puppies with prospective owner’s based on their experience with hunting and training as well as their personal lifestyle.”   Email:
  • Polem Gundogs“Excellence in Gundog development, training, boarding, puppies occasionally and training.”   Email:
  • Skaar Kennels – Tom and Myra Bratrud, English Springer Spaniels Email: or
  • Westrock Kennels – “We act as a link between hunters, conservationists and their dogs. We educate and engage people within the bird hunting community by volunteering our team with organizations such as NAVHDA as well as volunteering our property, resources and knowledge to fellow Albertans who are new or curious about the bird dog world. We strive to produce the highest quality gun dogs based on ethical breeding practices that enhance the betterment of the breed.”   Email: