Pheasants Forever Calgary is a registered Canadian charitable organization. Registration # 877252098 RR 0001

The Objects of the Society are:

  • Protect, preserve and enhance pheasant and other wildlife habitat throughout Southern Alberta.
  • Increase Pheasant and other wildlife species populations by enhancing the quantity and quality of wildlife habitat including riparian areas.
  • Educate landowners and the public on habitat management for the restoration of pheasant and other wildlife populations.
  • Inform landowners and the public and the benefits of co-operating with and supporting municipal, provincial and federal authorities in the improvement of pheasant and wildlife and other restoration projects.
  • Promote environmental conservation and stewardship to rural Southern Alberta youth.
  • Lease and otherwise facilitate the acquisition of real and immoveable property in connection with the carrying out and advancement of the activities of the Society particularly to enable the chapter to further its wildlife habitat restoration efforts, as well as to increase accessibility for recreational use.