Pheasants Forever Calgary is proud to support the ongoing maintenance and operation of the Circle E Complex.

Circle E is located approximately 35 km southwest of Brooks. It consists of over 30,000 acres of native public grassland. It is an island of grass surrounded by a sea of cultivated land, most of which is in irrigation. The complex was originally developed in 1941 and has since expanded to 49 wetlands, totaling 2,092 acres. Of these wetlands, 33 are gravity fed through various Bow River Irrigation District spillways, while the remaining basins are fed through a pump located on Lonesome Lake. 

Most of the water controls in the complex are outlet structures located on the various wetlands. Although a $2 million upgrade was performed by Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) in the late 90s, not all water control structures were replaced. Pheasants Forever Calgary stepped up in 2014 to help replace some of the remaining old structures and to repair some of the dams.  

The wetlands are either ringed with cattail or are completely or almost completely choked in cattails. This habitat, given the native range and cultivated lands, is excellent for ring-necked pheasants year round and particularly in the winter when pheasants are most vulnerable. Grey partridge are also abundant and sharp tailed grouse do frequent the pasture.  

In order to maintain the ideal upland bird conditions, the wetland component is critical to this landscape. As stakeholders in Circle E, we are proud to do our part in keeping the plumbing working for the benefit of the birds and the sportsmen that conserve them. To that end our investment will help cover the costs of the repairs required on Basin 28.