Len Gostick of Elko, B.C brought his dad and his best two hunting buddies and joined Chairman/President of PF Calgary and Perry and Kade McCormick for their first ever upland gamebird hunt.

All gents were experienced mountain rifle hunters but three of them had never shot an upland bird. The setting was the venerable Bar Diamond Ranch located on the Red Deer River north of Bindloss. The first day, 50 ring-necked roosters were liberated in the deep and wild coulees of the Red Deer River Breaks.

The dogs did their job and put at least that many skyward. A great time was had by all and all gunners got the opportunity to shoot their first roosters.

An evening in the old cabin, eating farm-style home cooked meals paired with fine wines was enjoyed by all. Day two of the Upland Primer was a day of hunting grey partridge in farm country along the Saskatchewan border.  The smaller faster flying huns proved to be a challenge, but the crew quickly caught on and caught up to the quarry. 

By day’s end the crew was two short of a limit of four. Everyone enjoyed the prairie experience where the antelope, coyotes and owls were everywhere. Rattlesnakes, tee pee rings and prickly pear cactus fruit were also a number of firsts. Rest assured, we now have four new upland hunters to welcome each year to the prairies.