One of the partners at the Little Bow Pheasant Ranch, along with a couple of shooting buddies has set up a premier 5 Stand Sporting Clay Course at this scenic ranch overlooking the Little Bow River valley. The course features a wobble trap plus a handful of automatic throwers hidden through a coulee. Various games can be played/invented in the casual setting; however, standard is classic 5 stand rules. Some coloured targets are thrown in for fun and invariably belly laughs and good fellowship are the norm.

Once the shooting is done and the guns are put away, its typical that a cold beverage and a snack are served in the shade where the good fellowship and skullduggery continue.

Cost is just $5 a round, which pays for the clays.

A one-time pay to play per day charge is $20, which is your entry to a 50/50 draw – half of which the winner takes and the other half goes to Pheasants Forever.  The draw will be made at the 18th Annual Director’s Invitational on September 9, 2021.