The 21st Annual Youth Novice Shoot on Provincial hunting day was another huge success.  

The event, which is held at AHEIA’s Calgary Firearms Centre at DeWinton, featured 150 students at the all-day event for some fun with guns.  18 dedicated mentor/leaders helped make the day safe and successful.  

First timers are taught safety first and then are coached for skill on the trap, skeet and sporting clay fields.  

Instruction is given on various hunting techniques, archery and other outdoor pursuits. All of the shells and firearms are free of charge and attendees were provided a lunch – again for free.  

It really is a special day for the attendees and the volunteer-leaders are rewarded with the smiles of all the young folks that just shot their first targets –  a day in their life they will likely never forget.

Thanks to Pheasants Forever board members Bob Merkley and Scott Price and dedicated supporters Dave Scott and Garth Becker for their leadership and support for the event. Special thanks to Bob Gruszecki for his role in making the whole deal a reality.