Tim Pickering, Bob Merkley, Neil MacKenzie, Jeff DeMarni, Stan Grad, Carson McCormick & Perry McCormickEach year Stan Grad puts up a 5-Bell Pheasant hunt down on the St. Mary’s River on the US Border under the shadows of Chief Mountain.

This year’s hunt was provided to PF Calgary Executive for recognizing some of our most dedicated. This year the hunt included Gold Patrons – Neil MacKenzie, Stan Grad and Bob Merkley. PF Canada President Perry McCormick, volunteer extraordinaire Carson McCormick and incoming President of PF Calgary Tim Pickering rounded out the crew.

The hunting grounds had been seeded with over 1200 rooster ringnecks over the past several weeks. The land had not been hunted in over a week and the weather, although windy at times was near perfect.

This is the premier pheasant hunt annually for Pheasants Forever – hands down. Stan puts on a serious show. His Chefs, food, wine, lodge dogs, side by sides, the birds – are all world class. If you ever get the opportunity to purchase or join this hunt – it’s the one.

A big shout out to Stan and the Soderglen South team for a job well done.

Little Bow Pheasant Ranch Rooster Hunt

A great afternoon with near perfect weather

Each and every year for the past several, Pheasants Forever Calgary in conjunction with Little Bow Pheasant Ranch put up a 100-bird liberated pheasant hunt over two days.

Tom Spoletini is the consummate chef and he provides lunch upon arrival – a five-course meal the night after the first day of hunting and a gourmet farm style breakfast to start the next day of chasing roosters.

And like every other year, the same crew buys it – no matter the cost. That crew is Travis Peckham, CEO of Trimark Tubulars and his buddies Mel Belich and Doug Buckle.

The hunt is offered over pointing dogs. The first day, the crew got to hunt over Wildrose NAVDA member, Cornel Yarmoloy and his pair of pudelpointers. These versatile machines are even tempered and are a pleasure to watch in the field providing excellent pointing and retrievals. A great afternoon with near perfect weather highlighted the day.