Thanks to our supporters, Pheasants Forever Canada is able to invest in Ducks Unlimited Canada’s (DUC) Marginal Areas Program (MAP).

As a partner of MAP in Alberta, we will help DUC provide farmers with a financial solution to areas of unproductive land. MAP offers an incentive of $125/acre to producers who plant perennial cover in marginal areas of annual cropland.

Pheasants Forever’s investment will help boost this incentive offer to producers and expand awareness of Pheasants Forever and our own Save the Edges campaign in Alberta.

Increasing perennial cover on the landscape benefits upland game birds such as grey partridge, pheasants and sharp-tailed grouse. Perennial cover also benefits biodiversity, beneficial insects,  waterfowl and other wildlife species. Environmental benefits also include carbon sequestration and improving soil and water quality.

MAP will provide establishment advice and a bonus pollinator-friendly seed pack. The Pollinator Powerpack is a blend of insect-friendly flowering forage species.

MAP is a unique offer for Alberta growers to increase the profitability of marginal areas which are becoming easier to delineate through precision farming technology.

In addition to the incentive and pollinator bonus, MAP also offers access to Echelon from Nutrien Ag Solutions. Echelon’s crop advisors work with producers to create a precise picture of their fields, giving them the confidence to make better decisions in both planning and execution.

Growers and eligible program participants who sign up for MAP before Aug. 15, 2022, will be entered to win a YETI prize pack that DUC will deliver to the winner in the field at harvest.

To help support the success of our efforts, please forward any interested or potential landowners to DUC’s agricultural program site or contact Janine Paly at or at 825-987-0607.

The promotion below will soon include the Pheasants Forever Canada logo: