A great place for a quick stop.

The Langdon Demonstration Site has been around for over 20 years.  It’s not a large site, but it’s accessible and a great spot to stop to walk the dog or get a picture of your favourite birds. The site was developed in 2002 by Pheasants Forever Calgary, Western Irrigation District (WID) and Partners in Habitat Development (PHD). It is located on Glenmore trail 6 kilometres west of the Town of Langdon on the southeast corner of highways 56 and 791.  The site consists of approximately 5 hectares (12 acres) of WID right of way along a major irrigation canal.  

The site provides wildlife with nesting and security cover. Wildlife food is provided by the berry producing shrubs that have been planted, while the grasses and forbs provide seeds. This highly diverse habitat provides a myriad and an abundance of insect species. 

The variety of wildlife provides an excellent opportunity for wildlife viewing and photography. 

This past spring, there was concern regarding dogs running loose during nesting season on the site. As well, someone put a bucket on the fence which resulted in several bags of litter on the site. Volunteers helped clean the site and erect new signage. The property is functioning as designed and makes for a nice spot to visit and stretch your legs while getting close to wildlife. Please keep pets leashed from March 15 to July 31 to protect nests.

The site provides wildlife with nesting and security cover:

  • The shelterbelt creates a travel lane between different habitat components.
  • Wildlife food supplies are enhanced by the berry producing shrubs, while
  • Grasses and forbs supply seeds.
  • The diversity of habitat attracts various insects used by many bird species for food.
  • The wetland, although small, includes open water and emergent vegetation used by many species of wildlife.