Many of us have eaten The General’s chicken at cheap, steam-table Chinese restaurants: Gloppy, over-breaded and so sweet you fall into diabetic shock afterwards. It’s crap. Especially if you’ve ever eaten General Tso’s chicken in a good Chinese restaurant.
Roast pheasant

Roast Pheasant

Follow these general instructions and you will get a lovely, moist bird. This technique also works with ruffed grouse, chickens and guinea hens.

Upland Gamebird Chowder

Reminiscent of New England clam chowder, this dish is exceptional with a mixed bag of light -fleshed gamebirds.

Partridge Jaeger Schnitzel

Wash partridge breasts in cold water and towel dry. Place shiny side down and pound breast with meat mallet. Add salt and pepper to breast to taste. Roll breasts in flour. Beat eggs in a bowl and dredge the floured breasts in the egg wash and roll in breadcrumbs. Set aside on a plate. In a frying pan melt butter and fry mushrooms and remove.