Chaos Theory and Roast Partridge

The best way to roast partridge, or grouse, or quail or even pheasants and small ducks, is, well, to not roast them at all.
Hank Shaw On Hanging Pheasants

On Hanging Pheasants

For several years after I began hunting, I recoiled at the idea of hanging game birds. The idea of hanging shot pheasants or partridges

Nordic Grouse Soup

If you like a good chicken soup, you will love this ruffed grouse soup, made with a rich grouse broth, root vegetables, rye or barley and peas. It is full of ingredients common in Scandinavian cuisine, so I decided to call it Nordic Grouse Soup; it is not a riff off any traditional recipe.

Pheasant Pozole Verde

Pozole (puh-zo-lay) is one of those classic stews that every culture seems to hold dear. Like chili in Texas, burgoo in Kentucky, Brunswick stew in Virginia, chowder in New England, pozole is that stew that everyone makes, but is slightly different depending on the region and cook.

Smoked Pheasant

Smoked pheasant can be either the best expression of the bird, or it can be a dessicated husk, usable only as a flavoring for broth


Many of us have eaten The General’s chicken at cheap, steam-table Chinese restaurants: Gloppy, over-breaded and so sweet you fall into diabetic shock afterwards. It’s crap. Especially if you’ve ever eaten General Tso’s chicken in a good Chinese restaurant.