Another successful hunt was had by all on the annual Pheasants Forever pheasant hunt this past October down at the venerable Chief Mountain Lodge.  Former Minister of Environment, Dr. Ted Morton, long time supporter Scott Price joined vice president of PFC, Bob Merkley and Managing Director, Perry McCormick, joined Neil Mackenzie and Stan Grad, down at Stan’s Soderglen South Ranch. The team had lots of dog power, with 2 Brittany’s, 2 labs and a Blue Picardy.

The food and good fellowship were as always – over the top.  The hospitality even more so.  The accommodation – exquisite.

By noon on day 2 – 100 plus ringneck roosters were harvested and cleaned for the larder.  This is, without question, the premier hunt that is provided to Pheasants Forever on an annual basis to generate funds and friends from.

Chief Mountain Lodge Hunt 2020 Stan Grad – Host

Chief Mountain Lodge Hunt 2020, Stan Grad – Host

DR. Ted Morton

DR. Ted Morton

Soderglen Ranckes