Hunter/Mentor Education

PF Calgary actively supports youth education programs that encourage and instill conservation ethics, responsible sportsmanship and an appreciation for wildlife. Such programs include the Pheasants Forever Annual Youth/Novice Shoot partnered with the Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association and Mentor Hunt programs.

University of Calgary Firearms Association (UCFA) / Pheasants Forever Calgary (PFC)
First-Time Mentored Pheasant Hunt

On Saturday, September 15th, the Inaugural University of Calgary Firearms Association (UCFA) / Pheasants Forever Calgary (PFC) First-Time Mentored Pheasant Hunt took place at the venerable Spruce Creek Upland Club (SCUC). The event was made possible thanks to funding from an Anonymous donor and MacFarlane’s Pheasants who provided the birds.

17 members of UCFA were provided a seminar on Upland Birds and Upland Bird Hunting in Alberta.  This was followed by a shooting session that featured professional one-on-one coaching aimed at improving technique for success afield.

The highlight of the day featured teams of three mentees, a mentor and a dog handler. The groups wandered the fields behind some of the best pointing dogs in the business in pursuit of the wily ring-necked pheasant. Everybody got shots at roosters and most everyone was successful in bagging at least one bird. Some first-timers shot as many as three.

It was a cool, cloudy day with a low ceiling, high humidity and drizzle. The valley was lit up with red, yellow, orange and green fall tones. The hunt was as close to the real thing as it could get. The dogs and the birds did their part and the volunteers stepped up accordingly.

The day ended in the cleaning room with a cleaning demonstration where everyone got to try a hand at skinning a whole bird.  A discussion on cooking upland birds ended the day and everyone got to take home a professionally-wrapped whole pheasant for the table.

A good time was had by all and several members suggested that the event ‘exceeded expectations.’

Thanks to all of the volunteers that worked the day and special thanks to the staff and board of SCUC for their excellent service and support. There could not have been a better venue for this event.