Fever IV Winners: Matrix Reloaded: Ryan Banderholt, Shawn Bosse, Stu Carter & Kevin Cole

Fiera Capital Pheasant Fever IV – Another Successful Shooting Event

A big shoutout to Fiera Capital for sponsoring a highly successful Pheasant Fever shoot, the second of which held during a pandemic. You might wonder why we would call an event Pheasant Fever during a plague? ‘Fever’ was a typo on a calendar that was supposed to say ‘Forever’ – as in Pheasants Forever, however the auto correct dropped the o and r rendering the title Pheasant Fever, and the name stuck.

Hats off to Josh Day for coming up with a workable format 14 months ago given the restrictions we were to adhere to. The European come-and-go or golf-style format, where teams arrive at intervals for their “tee time” worked perfectly. This allowed for easy registration, good fellowship, and a relaxed shooting experience as you have no teams pushing you nor are you bumping up against another squad.

Twenty-two squads shot over two days on the first weekend of June. Spectacular weather was enjoyed by all teams on Friday while the other half enjoyed some spectacular thunder and lightning, which was unfortunately followed by cold wind and rain. We simply – had it all.

This was the second and last shoot of the 2021 Spring Sporting Series. Accordingly, we had our traveling Internet Auction roadshow on full display in the Upland Cookhouse at Silver Willow Sporting Club. Prizes and raffles filled the Cookhouse and teams enjoyed all beef hot dogs before or after shooting the course. It was great to see the handful of teams that shot Rush of the Flush also attend Pheasant Fever for their first time.

Congratulations to Matrix Reloaded on winning their third shoot in a row with a score of 359/400 – 33 targets better than second place team, Shoot Happens. This version of Matrix Reloaded included Stu Carter, Shawn Bosse, Kevin Cole, and Ryan Banerholt.

A big thanks to the Day’s and staff for their support and professionalism.

As always, Terri and Laurette are cornerstones at our events – and a real pleasure to work with.

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