Pheasants Forever Inc. (PF) and North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding, whereby, members of NAVHDA would support PF mentor hunts by offering the use of their trained four legged pointing companions.
Pheasants Forever Calgary (PFC) is proud to be working with Wild Rose NAVDHA club on 2 such events. Each year PFC, with financial support from Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) and in-kind support from McFarlane’s Pheasants hosts 2 Post-secondary First Pheasant Mentor Hunts. Wild Rose’s mission is to promote the tradition of hunting and harvesting of natural healthy foods from healthy ecosystems. To do this in an ethical, safe, and humane manner, Wild Rose provides a safe, friendly, social learning environment with multiple training and activity events for hunter conservationists and their versatile hunting dogs. All age groups, from youth to elders, sharing knowledge and positive experiences. Wild Rose strives to promote firearms safety and firearms skill, the ethical treatment, training and care of humankind’s best friend, respect for our natural environment and the humane, sustainable harvest of the game birds we pursue. To support the evolving North American model of hunter conservation Wild Rose strongly believes in the need to recruit, retain, and reactivate hunter harvesters in a manner that relates to the modern values of conservation, adventure and ethics. Wild Rose collaborate with other conservation and government organizations to ensure habitat conservation, and the protection and expansion of hunting access to public lands. Field to table, good and honest food, connection with the natural world in the company of our modern human collective and well-trained canines are values embodied in Wild Rose’s mission.
You’ve met the Mentors in a previous newsletter and here are a couple of the dogs and their owners from Wild Rose:

Cornel Yarmoloy and Quill

Cornel Yarmoloy and Quill

Cedarwood Canadian Quill, age 3 years 8 months – Pudelpointer

Breeder – Bob Farris – Cedarwood Gundogs – Boise, Idaho



NAVHDA – Test Scores – Natural Ability (NA) 112 – Prize 1, Utility Prep (UPT) 179 – Prize 1, Utility (UT) 200 Prize 2

Cornel holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Design, University of Calgary. He is a Professional Biologist and works as a Project Management Professional.

Cornel is an ever evolving hunter/conservationist who loves mountain biking, bird hunting, big game hunting, dog training, horseback riding, fly fishing, downhill and cross-country skiing, and most importantly, hanging out with grandkids.

Petar Lazic’s Baloo

Petar Lazic’s Baloo

Petar Lazic’s Baloo
Baloo hails from Four Point Kennels, where he was given the name Four Point Blazing Guns. Baloo is a 2 year old Small Munsterlander.

NAVHDA NA test prize one score 112
Baloo has been one of the biggest joys in Petar’s life. He’s a great dog to hunt over, being he’s very steady on point and a great retriever both on land and water If he could hunt all day every day he would.

Aside from being a great hunting dog, he’s a great dog in the house. He enjoys watching movies on the couch greeting people with a smile and a wag when they come to the door. A perfect pet whether inside the home or in the field. He’s Petar’s best friend and number one hunting partner.

Wild Rose NAVHDA