Ditch Mowing

Potential Policy Win For Upland Birds

In several of our previous newsletters, we have profiled the loss of habitat in Southern Alberta due to trespass farming, more appropriately trespass cultivating of our public ditches and right of ways.

Beretta Raffle

26th Gala Dinner and Auction

Join us for our 26th Annual Dinner & Auction Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 BMO Centre
The Whole Gang

Lethbridge College 2nd Annual First Pheasant Mentor Hunt

 Pheasants Forever Calgary (PFC) and Alberta Hunter Education Instructor’s Assoc. (AHEIA) joined forces to host the second annual Lethbridge College First Pheasant Mentor Hunt. The program was delivered to 18 students from the Environmental Science Program. 
Supporter Tom Spoletini with his biggest wild rooster to date

Moving Forward

There wasn’t much we could do about last winter, except for minimizing the impact of flooding. To this end we will continue to focus on means to improve edge management by working with local municipalities.
Alberta Pheasant

Where did they all go?

The fall of 2018 is a good one to have behind us from an upland hunting perspective in southern Alberta – it was simply - tough out there.
Terri-Bass 400X400
Ron Carey Named Chair for 2019

Chinook Conservation Site Purchase

Two Alberta Chapters of Pheasants Forever have pooled the money needed to help Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) secure 3 quarter sections of land in southeast Alberta.  The Chinook Conservation Site is located southeast of Medicine Hat, Alberta along Ross Creek.

Celebrating 25 Years of Optimizing Conservation Partnerships

The power of partnerships may be an overused phrase these days, however, there may be no better example of what that power can result in than the recent purchase of the Chinook Conservation Site by Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) with its partners. 

UCFA/PFC first-time mentored pheasant hunt

On Saturday, September 15th, the Inaugural University of Calgary Firearms Association (UCFA) / Pheasants Forever Calgary (PFC) First-Time Mentored Pheasant Hunt took place at the venerable Spruce Creek Upland Club (SCUC).