A big rooster cackle to all the folks that helped out with Fiera Capital Pheasant Fever III four person team buddy shoot at Silver Willow Sporting Club.  The staff at the Club did an excellent job in setting the course and making all feel safe in our Covid-19 community.  And, I am happy to report we were not a super spreader event in the least.  That was largely due to the European format that was adopted, whereby squads arrived every half hour to register and get ready for their shoot time.  After the shoot, folks enjoyed a hot dog or 2, visited and viewed the merchandise that was sold online via an internet auction.   Individual prizes were awarded after each squad finished up, so we had no reason to gather in any groups greater than fifteen. All involved thought the experience was excellent and now other groups are copying the format – which of course is flattering.  In the end, the Clay Busters took the trophy with a score of 330 out of 400.  The team consisted of Shawn & Stuart Bosse, Daryl Harvie & Clint LaRiviere.

A big thanks goes to our Major Sponsors, Fiera Capital, Stampede Toyota, Charlesglen Toyota, Lexus of Calgary and Anthem United.


Fiera Four Person Team Buddy Shoot FEVER III CHAMPS

CLAY BUSTERS – Stu Carter, Shawn Bosse, Clint LaRiviere & Daryl Harvie

SUPREME TEAM – 5TH Consecutive PF Shoot – 2nd Place Finishers